Uplay Failed Login Wait Time

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Uplay Failed Login Wait Time

Posted by Boy Adelaide on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 23:18:46

I haven't redeemed a promo card from nvidia in awhile. The last time I did after redeeming the code on their redemption page on nvidia web site, the actual code was sent to me via email. Not sure if they've changed their system or not where you have to link a steam, origin, or uplay account to activate directly.

User account locked out after too many failed password attempts The other day my roommate needed to get on my computer while I was at work. I texted her the password, but being such a long and complex password she entered it too many times incorrectly.

So i sign out, and back into my pc, launch Uplay, and im met with this. Your account and been temporarily suspended due to multiple failed login or activation attemts. so what do i do now? is someone trying to hack my uplay account? i havent activated any codes recently or logged in multiple times. help?. < >

Trying to login to Anno 2070 and keep getting repeat, Username or Password not correct errors. If that were the case how can I post here Are the UPlay servers having issues?

Trying to sign into uplay to get some stuff for Ghost Recon Future Soldier today and it's telling me that my username is ingrown_penis? What the hell happened? I doubt I could've been hacked does anyone have similar problems? leaving right now to register that username on all the sites i use, you got a good one there :p

What if I simply add the 1 sec delay between the failed login detection and the re-rendering of the login screen? This would force both bots and humans to have to wait for the delay. For a human it is not much, and few humans will do a wrong login, whilst for a bot it is quite long. What do you think? - Fer May 20 '09 at 13:17